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The ergonomically designed Esprit toaster has perfect symmetry and is efficient and reliable

A truly stylish and sophisticated toaster selection. The Esprit Collecton offers a touch of vibrancy with a range of polished or coloured aluminium end panels.

Handmade by skilled craftsmen in the UK, the Esprit Collection proclaims its quality. Each toaster is individually tested and certified before leaving the factory. Built to last, with all parts including elements, easily replaceable, the Esprit Collection represents a cost-effective investment compared to lower-priced alternatives.

Esprit BreadEsprit Bread
Esprit Collection bread toaster come in 2 & 4 slice models. They feature energy efficient slot selection, timer and neon indicator lamp, providing all the control necessary for great results.


Esprit Family BrunchEsprit Family Brunch
The ultimate Esprit toaster, with two conventional bread slots, one wide slot and a sandwich slot. The rotary switch allows 1 or 2 thin bread, 1 thick bread or alternatively all three bread slots simultaneously, also allows 1 sandwich, 2 half buns (single sided toasting), waffles and many other unusual items to be toasted.


Esprit Single or Double BrunchEsprit Single or Double Brunch
Esprit Collection brunch or combination toasters feature two conventional bread slots and one or two special slots with a holder for toasting sandwiches. This toaster is controlled by a variable timer and slot selector switch for toasting single slices of bread, sandwiches or buns.


Esprit Thick ‘n’ ThinEsprit Thick 'n' Thin
Esprit Collection of Thick 'n' Thin toasters, features two ordinary bread slots and one or two wider slots + bun mode (single sided toasting). These toasters are controlled by a variable timer and slot selector switch.



Features include

  • Bread, thick 'n' thin, brunch and sandwich toasters
  • Energy efficient, rotary slot selector switch
  • Single sided toasting features for buns
  • Variable timer with 'toast ready' ringer
  • Neon indicator lamp
  • Handmade in the UK by skilled craftsmen
  • Retro design with a choice of polished or coloured aluminium end-panels
  • Every toaster individually tested and certified before leaving the factory
  • All parts guaranteed
  • Stainless steel body


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