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TC-5 Chocolate Enrober   TC-3 Chocolate Enrober

Chocolate Enrober

  • For the manufacture of chocolates, decoration of cakes, ice cream, etc...
  • This apparatus has been designed for maintaining chocolate melted for its immediate use as a cake
  • The apparatus is a conveniently insulated container for melted chocolate, covered by a lid which is also
  • The TC-5 apparatus is also made up of a sheathed stainless steel heating element, a pilot ligth, 0/90º C.
    thermostat and a lead with plug.
  • The chocolate melts at a temperature of between 35º and 42º C.
  • It remains melted at a temperature of between 35º and 36º C.



  • As this apparatus doesn't employwater as an element in the heating process, the heat produced is dry and thereforewithout inertiawhich could negative effect the temperature of the melted chocolate.
  • The fact that this apparatus maintains the melted chocolate at a low temperature and without it being in
    ebullition, makes it easier to spread or mould it leaves a completely smooth surface. We recommend that the apparatus be permanently switched on, as the electrical consumption is low so that you will always have the melted chocolate at hand.
  • This is therefore the ideal apparatus for making chocolates,decorating(enrobing) cakes, tarts andicecream, etc...


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