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R502All types of coarse and fine chopping, stuffings,
emulsions, kneading and grinding.

  • 5.5-litre stainless-steel bowl for the R 502 and R 502 V.V.
    7-litre stainless-steel bowl for the R 602 and R 602 V.V.
  • Extremely simple unlocking of bowl by means of a trigger fitted in the handle.
  • Speed varying from 300 to 3,000 rpm to allow for more flexible use.
    Two speeds for the R 502 and R 602 models: 750 and 1,500 rpm. The 1,500-rpm speed is specifically intended for this function.
  • R 602 and R 602 V.V. models supplied with a smooth-edged stainless-steel blade assembly that can be entirely taken apart.
    R 502 and R 502 V.V. models are also delivered with a smooth edged blade.
  • Optional extras:
    • Serrated blade assembly for grinding and kneading tasks.
    • Fine-serrated blade assembly for chopping parsley.



  • Round deep hopper (Ø 58mm) designed for long or fragile vegetables.
  • Large hopper (139 cm2) to process vegetables such as cabbage, celery, lettuce and tomatoes.
  • Speed varying from 300 to 1,000 rpm. Slower speeds intended for processing delicate vegetables and higher speeds for faster output.
  • Models R502 and R602 are provided with two speeds: 750 and 1500 rpm. The speed of 750 rpm is reserved for the vegetable preparation function.

Comprehensive collection of discs designed to perform all types of fruit and vegetable preparation tasks with flawless cutting quality, including slicing, ripple-cutting, shredding, dicing, ribbon-cutting and making french fries. Blade and disc profiles carefully designed to ensure a clean and lasting cut.


Food processors

The Products benefits:

  • 2 machines in 1: A cutter bowl and a vegetable preparation attachment on the same motor base.
  • High Performance: The pulse function keeps you in command and allows you to maintain the precision cut that you require. Patented blade knife, an exclusive Robot-Coupe feature, gives perfect result for small or large quantites when using the cutter attachment.
  • Robustness: Industrial induction motor for heavy duty to guarantee longer life machine and reliability. Aluminium motor bloc, stainless steel cutter bowl and metallic vegetable preparation attachment for a longer life machine.
  • Wide range of cut: Complete collection of 48 discs for all your requirements such as slicing, julienne, ripple cutting, grating, macedoine or French fries.

Number of covers: 30 to 400.

Target: Restaurants - Institution - Caterers

In brief: High performance and robust, these machines will be a proud investment, saving you time and money.

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