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  • Centrifugal JUicer #50Easy extracts the maximum quantity of pure juicer and vitamins from most fruits and vegetables.
  • Ideal for juice bars and health food stores.

Large capacity juicer

  • Up to 25 gallons (100 liters) of apple juice per hour.
  • Can juice a whole apple or tomato or several carrots in a few seconds.
  • Saves time: no need to cut fruits or vegetables into smaller pieces (extra wide feeding chute: 3"/79.5mm).
  • Continuous pulp ejection into a large polyethylene container.

Easy to use and clean

  • Nothing to screw or unscrew.
  • Easy and safe locking and unlocking system with a simple and attractive handle in front of the cover.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of the three main removable parts: cover, filter-basket, and bowl.

Heavy duty commercial motor

  • Asynchronous, powerful (800W), very quiet.

Safety Features

  • Original locking arms and instant braking system when opened.

Durable and attractive design

  • Made of sturdy and food safe quality materials: stainless steel (bowl, filter-basket), black polycarbonate (cover), black rubber (seals).

Compact size

  • Portable and easy to move.

Download PDF
Download PDF

Citrus Juicer #71Citrus Juicer #71: Professional bar juicer for everyone

  • Parts easily removable : bowl, grid, ring and squeezer
  • Easy to clean


Citrus Juicer #71

Ice Crusher #53

Ice Crusher #53

Powerful / Efficient / Reliable

  • Heavy duty, high output, commercial ice crusher.
  • Makes both fine and coarse crushed ice in just one touch of a button.
  • Simply and quickly makes 1.2kg (2.7 pounds) of crushed ice in 30 seconds.
  • Ideal for frozen margaritas or daiquiris and to serve food on a bed of ice.
  • Electronic control unit with 2 operating systems (manual or automatic timer).

Easy to use

  • For the standard ice bucket into the tank.
  • Put the ice bucket in the under position.
  • Push button to make fine or coarse crushed ice.

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