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This new Carpigiani batch freezer originates from Carpigiani's experience; it is a user-friendly and easy to operate machine, designed to be as helpful as possible in every ice-cream laboratory and to produce any kind of ice-cream, making operator's job definitely easier.
The LABO XP incorporates several freezing programs, respectively aimed to:

  1. cream ice production,
    with regulable system to increase/decrease softness;
  2. fruit "sorbetto" production,
    with refrigeration system operated gradually;
  3. fruit cream production,
    by a specific program designed to homogeneously crystallise this delicious fruit cream.

Once the ice-cream is ready the machine will give an acoustic and visual alarm; if the ice-cream maker is not in the position to extract the ice-cream immediately, the machine will keep it ready inside the freezing cylinder. Extraction is very simple, because the product is pushed through the wide exit by the beater, that keeps turning fast; the ice cream smoothly drops into the inox container positioned over the large rubber mat. Every freezing cycle is continuously monitored on the front display, which allows the operator to modify the final consistency of the product at any time.


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