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20% More Production In
20% Less Space

A 62% efficient Solstice burner system, coupled with large capacity fry pot sizes, produce the highest volume output in the smallest footprint available. MegaFry produces the same amount of product as three high efficiency 45 lb fryers, and uses 28% less floor space.

Solstice burner system provides 62% efficiency for high volume and high energy efficiency. The Solstice burner draws more primary air for improved air/gas mixture. The baffle design causes a scrubbing action of the flame, squeezing more heat out. This new design causes the baffle to get into radiant mode quicker for improved temperature recovery and faster cooking.


Model KF-SG6HGas Open Fryer with Filtration

The KF-SG6H fryer design offers higher production with the increase in burner efficiency and a space saving with an "Under the Fryer Filter System". The fryer can cook up to 6 heads of Crispy or Hot & Spicy chicken, or sixty Crispy strips on four standard half size racks. Standard KFC freezer to fryer products can also be cooked using standard fryer baskets.


  • Fry pot constructed of stainless steel
  • Solstice Burner Technology
  • 1¼" (3.2 cm) full port drain valve
  • Cabinet-stainless steel sides, front, splash back
  • KFC Fast SG6Hcooking computer
  • Matchless pilot ignitation system with flame loss safety shut-off, dedicated fryer gas shut-off valves
  • High temperature limit switch
  • Float switch
  • Heavy duty 3/16" (48 cm) door hinges
  • 10"(25.4 cm) fixed casters rear and front legs
  • Single gas connection -3/4" (1.9cm) NPT
  • Crackling Basket
  • Lift Assist with 1/2 rack holder


Gas Pasta Cooker

  • High Efficiency Design with Solstice Burner Technology
  • Self Cleaning Burner System & Down Draft Protection
  • Standard with 4 Button Digi-tal Controller
  • Single or Dual Basket lift Op-tion
  • Rinse Faucet Standard on SSRS14 Rinse Station
  • Drain “T” Manifold Standard on SSPG14 Combined with SSRS14 Rinse station.
  • Marine Grade Stainless steel Tank with 10 Year Warranty


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